Ask Dr Phil How Do I Reverse Male Pattern Baldness?

How did Dr. Phil become associated with dieting and weight loss? One day he is giving advice on how to deal with unruly children, then the next day he produces several best selling weight loss books. What gives?

Looking at Dr. Phil, I don’t exactly see a muscular or even fit man. Don’t get me wrong, Dr. Phil is nice and all that, but he is not exactly fit. Yet people flock to buy his book. He must give really good advice on how to lose weight. So I figure that if a chubby man can dish out and sell advice on dieting and weight loss, he can surely give advice on how to regrow hair. Because that’s another glaring thing to me about Dr. Phil — he is bald, bald, bald.

So should a bald man ask another bald man how to reverse male pattern baldness? I don’t see why not. Why not ask Dr. Phil how to reverse baldness.

Dr Phil Cartoon

With so many men and women experiencing baldness every single day, it is no wonder that so many people are searching for a way to reverse baldness. In reality, baldness is something that is just a fact of life for many people. Every day you lose hundreds of hairs. But for some, this hair loss is exasperated and baldness occurs.

In June of 2007, Science Daily reported that male pattern baldness, which affects about half of men by the age of 50, could soon become a treatable condition. A study conducted, using identical twins, showed that the medication used not only stopped the hair loss, but actually improved their hair growth. Furthermore, the rate of hair growth increased between the 6- and 12-month evaluations.

This type of study and research shows great promise for the future of baldness. Is it possible that we will one day have medicines available that can stop balding altogether, as well as promote hair growth? Maybe so.

BBC News reported in March 2004 that scientists believed they may have discovered a new way to reverse baldness. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania had identified stem cells in the hair follicles of mice. Furthermore, they discovered that those cells grow into hair follicles and produce hair when transplanted into skin.

What do all these findings mean? We know that we are on track to discover new methods of treating and possibly reversing baldness. How long this will take or when it will be made available for public use is unknown. It is possible that finding a way to reverse baldness might never happen.

In any case, if you are bald and you are not happy with your condition, there are significant changes you can make to feel better. Products like hair pieces and treatment for baldness can help you feel better about the way you look. Hair transplant may also be a viable option for you.

Britany Spears Bald Is Not Hot Either Way

Seeing Spears bald is definitely not hot. All this time I thought I was looking at a blond celebrity until Britney Spears exposed her black stubbles by shaving herself bald. What a shame, too, because many women dealing with hair loss would kill to have her hair. For Britney Spears to voluntarily go bald is…repulsive.

If you don’t remember when Britney Spears looked good, here is a picture of her with blond hair.

Britney Spears Hair

Now check out Britney Spears with her head shaved:

Britney Spears Bald


Now for a more serious matter, besides the self-inflicted case of Brittany’s female pattern baldness.


The most frequent type of hair loss among women is called female pattern baldness, or female pattern alopecia. For many women, female pattern baldness occurs as some hair is lost, but not total baldness. This usually begins with hair shedding, leading to large amounts of hair loss and eventually some balding over the scalp.

For most women suffering from female pattern baldness, hair loss usually begins as thinning. In most cases, this happens across the front and top and of scalp. This type of baldness is extremely painful and difficult for women to deal with. Lots of women tend to grow their hair out as long as possible so that they can then create hairstyles that cover up their hair loss.

Female pattern baldness does not always bring about total baldness. In most instances, the hair begins to thin and fall out over a period of time. Lots of hair shedding happens. Sometimes this might not even be noticeable to the woman in the beginning. She may think that it’s just normal hair loss. Eventually over time though, the hair thinning will become more apparent as the baldness begins to occur.

For many women experience female pattern baldness, it usually happens after she goes through menopause. The hormonal changes she experiences during menopause brings about many changes in her body; one being female pattern baldness.

Many women choose to use over the counter treatments, like Rogaine, to treat their thinning hair problem. For those whose plight is more serious, usually when the scalp begins to start showing, many women seek medical assistance to solve their balding problem.

In some cases, medical treatment just does not work, for whatever reason. When this happens, those who can afford it usually seek out the help of hair transplant surgeons. This is a time-consuming process and is not an overnight solution. However, it has often been proven to be one of the best ways to get terrific results and bring a woman’s self-esteem back up once the baldness is gone.

Now for Britney Spear’s other bald spot… Oh never mind.


Bald Britney Spears