Can You Prevent Baldness?

Baldness is a condition in which hair loss occurs. Some people experience great hair loss, while others see only some thinning of their hair. In some cases, this hair loss could be permanent. In other cases, the hair loss could be treatable and only temporary.

The question always asked is, “Can you prevent baldness?” While there is no solid, straightforward answer, it is possible that you can treat baldness and hope for some degree of hair recovery.

The most common type of baldness is known as male pattern baldness (in men) and female pattern baldness (in women). This type of baldness usually begins happening very early in age. Hair loss occurs at the top and front of the scalp for men and usually at the crown of the head for women.

Still more common causes of hair loss can be attributed to the following:

• ringworm on the scalp
• taught hair styles
• stress
• trauma
• nervous habits of pulling on the hair
• cancer treatments
• pregnancy

Looking at this list, you can see that there really is nobody who is exempt from experiencing hair loss. Baldness can usually be identified and treated by a qualified physician. However, much of hair loss can be attributed to simple things that you can take significant steps towards preventing the loss of hair.

One of the first things you can do, if you are a woman, is to stop wearing tight hairstyles. This is extremely important. The tighter you pull your hair, the more vulnerable and susceptible it is to falling out quicker.

Another common reason for hair loss is due to stress. Have you been stressed out over something in your life lately? This could be the underlying cause to your recent hair loss. Take steps to de-stress every day. You might think you don’t have time to, but you can’t afford not to if you don’t want to keep losing your hair.

Another very simple step anyone can take to prevent baldness is to visit a nutritionist or herbologist and have tests run to see if your body is running low on any vitamins or minerals. Sometimes preventing baldness is as simple as listening to your own body.