Buy Provillus On Line and Stop Hair Loss for Men

Wearing a baseball cap causes it, keeping your hair long weighs it down & pulls it out, you can blame it on your mother’s brother, uncle or father, or maybe daily shampoos are the culprit. These are the common myths surrounding male pattern baldness. In reality, most men’s hair loss is a natural occurrence, it just happens earlier for some men and more severely.

When hair loss does occur, it usually starts with a receding hairline and thinning at the top of the scalp. This change in hair pattern can be noticeable as early as adolescence in boys when their hairline goes from straight across to the m-shaped hairline of adult men. These patterns of hair loss are normal and are to be expected. The hairline recedes, hair all over the head thins and there is pronounced loss at the scalp area. This hair loss is the result of hormones and genetics: the whole family’s, not just your mom’s.

The other causes of excessive hair loss include hormone imbalance: thyroid disease or hormone treatments for prostate disease can affect the hair, causing it to fall out earlier than it naturally would. The stress from surgery or a major illness is another factor, with hair falling out months after the surgery but eventually growing back. Prescribed medications such as anticoagulants, antidepressants and some chemotherapy meds can cause hair loss that is reversible. There are also infections that cause baldness.

There are self-inflicted causes of hair loss in men, although more common for women. Cornrows or tight pigtails can cause pulling of the follicles which, in turn, causes scarring. Some hair treatments such as permanents or hot oil treatments can also result in follicle swelling and subsequent scarring. Hair will no longer grow from these scarred follicles. There are some who pull out their own hair or twist it off, it is usually subconscious behavior that once discovered can be stopped.

There are ways to deal with hair loss. For male-pattern baldness the easiest and cheapest way to deal with it is to accept it. For those who cannot, there are a few options. Some topical solutions claim to help by re-growing some hair, but mostly they just strengthen the hair that is there already. There are some oral treatments that are proving effective, particularly Provillus.

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Other alternatives for dealing with hair loss in men are surgical replacement (transplants), hair weaves or toupees.

Baldness Medication – Talk or Truth?

Baldness is a condition that affects over 50% of the male population. What’s even more astonishing is that treatments for baldness in the United States alone are said to be a whopping one billion dollar annual industry. Those numbers speak volumes for the number of people seeking balding treatments every year.

With the steady medical advance for baldness, it is no wonder that there are progressively more baldness medication options available today. But are these medications a real answer to the balding problem?

Over The Counter Baldness Medications

Visit your local pharmacy or department store and you’ll likely find quite a variety of over the counter treatments for baldness. There is a huge variety of shampoos and ointments alone that claim they can aid in the treatment of hair loss.

Not only are these types of baldness medications available for anyone to purchase, but there are tons more included in the natural therapy department. A trip to your health food store could uncover even more vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements that claim to be able to either stop your hair from balding and thinning or induce hair regrowth.

The biggest problem with these over the counter baldness medications is that very few, if any, of them are doctor-approved. Many are simply man-made solutions that could improve your situation, but do not necessarily guarantee success in treating your baldness.

Prescribed Baldness Medications

Two of the most popular baldness medications that anyone can purchase over the counter today are Rogaine and Propecia. Rogaine is formulated for men, and Propecia for women. Lots of people who have used these baldness medications have seen great improvement over their hair loss situation.

There are a small percentage of users who have seen little to no change or improvement, but their situation usually consists of a type of baldness that this type of treatment just won’t help.