Children Hairloss

Hair loss in children is not something that is frequently seen. However, there are some instances in which hair loss occurs.

Losing hair can be a very traumatic experience. Treatment for hair loss should thus also take into consideration the psychological damage to the child as well. This article will cover the basics of baldness in children, shedding a light on this phenomenon and what can be done about it.

Causes of hair loss in children

There are several reasons why children may experience hair loss during childhood. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Hair loss due to the child pulling his hair incessantly.
  • Ringworm on the child’s scalp.
  • Trauma or emotional suffering (stress) in the child’s life.
  • Continuously wearing the hair pulled in a tight manner that places undue stress on the child’s hair.

Coping with hair loss in children

It goes without saying that a child losing her hair could be an extremely distressing experience. Often times children who don’t understand such medical situations could cruelly ridicule and make fun of the child who has experienced some level of hair loss.

The best way to help your child deal with this terrible situation is to be very supportive. Encourage her to express her feelings by journaling every day. Some children find it helpful to write about what they are going through, or to draw pictures of how they feel at the time.

It is also imperative that as a parent you are always aware of your child’s emotional status. Many children suffering from hair loss experience lots of ups and downs. Some days may be better than others. When it seems like your child is feeling especially low, put forth even more effort to make her feel special and loved, despite what she’s going through. Remind her that with the proper medication this will only last a short amount of time and that she’ll have beautiful hair again in no time.