Men Hair Loss Talk

Being a man can be tough at times. You have the whole daily shaving regimen, everyone expects you to be financially successful, and then there’s the burden of men hair loss. This one is a doozy! Now it doesn’t really matter if you love your hair or groom it regularly. The odds say that you’re still likely to lose the dew. In fact, over 65 percent of the male population grapples with hair loss at some point in their lives. This can begin as early as the teen years. Man would that stink to lose the head fuzz while in high school. That’s way too soon! There must be a cure.

Welcome to a fresh millennium, men! There are infinite products gracing the market that can assist you with the dilemma of men hair loss. Probably two of the most common are Rogaine and Propecia. These are hair loss remedies that literally grow hair back. Unfortunately studies show that Rogaine is only successful for around 25 percent of users. That’s sadly LOW. But, studies also show that much lies in the perspective. After testing a group of men, scientists were able to find that the men who thought they were being given a miracle product actually grew back hair. Even though the product was only a placebo. WOW, the mind is a powerful thing. Anyway, the future of men hair loss is not solely about growing hair back. It’s also about hair loss prevention. What steps can you take to prevent your hair from thinning?

Think DHT! You’re probably wondering what the heck is DHT? This nifty little acronym stands for Dihydrotestosterone blockers. Dihydrotestosterone is what testosterone turns into as we age. It excretes through the scalp and damages the hair follicles. Then once the hair falls out, the pore seals shut. This will lead to baldness fast. But, if you purchase a shampoo and conditioning system with DHT blockers, you can wash away that harmful dihydrotestosterone and leave your follicles healthy and vibrant. This is a massive breakthrough for men hair loss. In all honesty, it makes sense to use these products as soon as possible. Who cares if you’re only 25! Begin using DHT defense now and prevent future hair loss. The earlier the better!

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