UFO Pictures of Aliens Needing Hair Loss Treatment

Have you spotted them lately? You know, UFOs?

I haven’t seen a flying saucer myself, but I have seen plenty of pictures. Tell you what, pictures of spaceships don’t get me too excited. What turns me on are pictures of space aliens. You know, little bald men. At least I think they’re men. It’s hard to tell because they have bald heads.

bald head alien

Which leads me to my point, these UFO pilots need to get some hair on their heads. You’d think with all their technology, they’d come up with some decent hair loss treatment. Go figure. Instead all the pictures that I’ve seen are like these:

bald head alien 2 bald head alien 3ET

I don’t know about how baldness is treated from where they came from, but here on Earth, here’s my take on a cure for male pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness occurs in about half of the male population by the time they are fifty years old. Most of the male pattern baldness is said to happen because of the man’s genetic makeup.

There are quite a many different treatments available to treat male pattern baldness today. With the baldness treatment industry coming in at a billion dollars per year, there is surely some form of treatment that can be accounted for as a good one.

We can begin the search for a male pattern baldness cure by taking a look at some of the medications that are available. The first thing you can do when you set out for a cure for your baldness problem is to scour the shelves at your local pharmacy. You will most likely find a ton of baldness products right there on the shelves.

If you aren’t able to find any such products, ask your pharmacist to recommend a product, or perhaps even a different store to visit where you can find them. More often than not your pharmacist alone is a terrific resource for finding more items that might not be available locally.

Examples of items you might find on the shelf include things like medicated shampoos and scalp treatments. These types of treatments do not offer a fool-proof cure. They do, however, provide a method of treatment that has the potential to slow down your hair loss.

In addition to these over the counter treatments, if you make an appointment with a doctor about your hair loss, he will most likely suggest a prescription strength treatment to help you out. These kinds of treatments do have some side effects.

Another very common thing that many choose as their method of a baldness “cure” is a hair transplant. This is usually used as a last alternative if no other treatment works to provide a reasonably desired result. A hair transplant is a procedure in which healthy, strong hair is removed from an inconspicuous spot on the scalp and then transferred to the area where the hair is thinning.

There you have it. Now doesn’t this look better?

alien with hair regrowth

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