Frank Talk About Male Pattern Baldness

Frontal baldness is one of the most ordinary types of balding among the male population. It can start as early as the late teen years and early 20’s. In this article you will learn more about frontal baldness.

What is frontal baldness?

Frontal baldness is simply a form of male pattern baldness. Frontal baldness describes balding that begins in the front of the head.
Generally speaking, frontal baldness usually begins at the forehead. It is also commonly known as a receding hairline. For some men, a receding hairline usually starts in the middle of the forehead, where the hair begins to thin then fall out gradually more and more towards the crown of the head. For other men, frontal baldness might start on either side of the forehead, rather than the middle. In both cases though, this usually ends in the male being nearly, if not totally, bald to the crown of the head.

What causes frontal baldness?

In most cases of frontal baldness, there is an underlying hereditary gene that is at the root of the balding. Like most occurrences of male pattern baldness, there is usually a history of baldness in that person’s family.

Treatment for frontal baldness

There are quite a few treatments for baldness available today. In fact, there are probably more treatments offered today than there ever has been.

The effectiveness of treatments for frontal baldness widely varies. If the frontal baldness is in early stages, it could be possible to prevent total baldness by using certain products to stop baldness and promote new hair growth. Oral treatments, like Propecia, are typically given to help stop baldness by stimulating hair regrowth. It has been shown to not only slow down hair loss, but to also promote new hair growth where the old hair has fallen out.

With such treatments for baldness, one must keep in mind that this process of stopping the balding and new hair growth will not happen instantly. This usually requires extensive treatment over a long period of time.

Other options

In addition to medical treatments, there are several other options one might consider. One of the most popular of these is hair transplants. This option is frequently advised for those who have already lost a significant amount of hair. Frontal hair transplants have become increasingly popular and are an excellent way to prevent frontal baldness.

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