Baldness Products That Work

Losing your hair can be such a traumatic and devastating thing. There is hope though. While all baldness is not curable, it is possible to use some of the baldness products to create re-growth. At the very least, some of the baldness products can help to slow down the loss of hair as well.

For many people, finding the right baldness product that will work for them is what is so challenging. There are so many products available today that it can be difficult to figure out which would be the best one to use.

As with any illness or medical condition, your first decision should probably be to make an appointment with your doctor. It is possible that she can not only make a clear-cut diagnosis, but offer you an acceptable treatment that will be better than something you might choose for yourself over the counter.

Quite possibly the most prescribed baldness product today is Propecia. It comes in the form of a pill and is commonly prescribed as a daily form of treating your baldness.

Rogaine comes in at a close second. This comes in the form of a medicated cream that you use on your scalp. It is a bit more messier than Propecia, but is a common treatment for baldness. Rogaine is one of the original baldness products that was made available for use.

If you prefer to use a shampoo, then Nisim could be an option for your treatment. Nisim is a shampoo that was not originally made to treat baldness. However, many men and women have used it and attest to its success for treating baldness and stopping the loss of hair.

Scalp Med is a cream that is also used as a topical ointment on the scalp. The spray gives your hair an appearance of fullness. It contains essentially the same thing as Rogaine.

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For men experiencing hair loss via a receding hairline or widow’s peak, procerin is a good option. Procerin treats a thinning hair condition called androgenetic alopecia.

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