Hair Loss in Women Is More Emotionally Felt

Baldness is one of the most devastating things to happen to a woman. It is difficult to deal with because it attacks the emotional side of a woman just as much, if not more, than the physical aspects. When a woman loses her hair, she often feels as though she is losing her identity or her womanhood.

There are several reasons for hair loss in women. One of the most common reasons, however, is that woman have a tendency to over style their hair. Things like hair coloring, perms, hair straighteners, hot rollers, tight hair styles and excessive teasing can lead to hair thinning, and worst of all, hair loss.

Many women who deal with baldness experience hair thinning and patchy baldness. For most, this occurs in the front of the scalp, usually in the center, just above the forehead. For other women, it happens around the crown of the head, gradually moving towards the front of the head.

Perhaps the best advice given to women experiencing any type of hair loss would be to become educated on the topic of baldness. There is a huge amount of information available today. The Internet makes it extremely easy to locate information on any health topic with no problem at all. WebMD is one of the leading health-related websites available, offering tons of information on all sorts of medical conditions.

Your local public library is also a rich source of information about balding. You should be able to find several books on the topic. If there isn’t enough information, ask your librarian about an inter-library loan to find more books about baldness.

Finally, your dermatologist is a great source to find information about baldness in women, too. He can direct you to helpful information about baldness, as well as provide you with several possible solutions to help you out.

As for curing baldness, there really is no sure-cure. There are ways you can learn to deal with baldness, though, and measurable steps you can take to control or maintain it. Traditional medications offer some degree of help, but can never promise a full cure to baldness. Alternative medications offer a viable solution to helping slow down hair loss and strengthening your hair.

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