Looking for Signs of Baldness

Balding is a life-changing thing that happens every single day around the world to a lot of people. For both men and women, this physical change can mean changing an entire lifestyle. It can also create a significant shift in a person’s self-image.

There are many ways to tell if a person is going bald. For a lot of people, balding begins at a very early age. Some men notice significant hair loss as early as at the age of 20. These usually end up totally bald, or ¾ bald by the time they reach their early 30’s, if not sooner.

One of the earliest signs of baldness is extreme hair loss. You may first notice a large amount of hair in your hair brush or on the floor after you brush your hair. Some people may not even pay attention to this sign of hair loss. But it is a simple sign that anyone can look for.

signs of baldness

Another sign of baldness is thinning of the hair. For many women this begins in the front of the scalp, just about the forehead. It usually occurs in a small patch at first, then can increase in size over time. For men, thinning often begins at the crown of the head, and is therefore not noticed unless someone else points it out to him.

Another sign of baldness is a receding hairline, which is most common in men. At first, hair begins to thin and then fall out totally around the front and sides of the head. Eventually, more hair loss occurs, giving the man an appearance of his hair “sliding” down the back of his head. Thus, the name “receding hairline.”

There are many signs of baldness that can be easily spotted. The main thing to remember is that you have to be looking for these signs of baldness to find them.

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  1. karan on May 29th, 2010 8:12 am

    iam a 20 yrs old guy from india.i hav been facing hairfall mild say sometimes more sometimes less daily from last 3 yrs .i dont have any signs of balding and no tremendous difference in hairline except a bit on the side as cuts but not noticable.my uncles and dad hav no problems of balding till now my mother`s brothers are bald but not sure about my grandfather hes very old and still has less hair all over.

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