Coffee Male Pattern Baldness

Baldness and Caffeine

For years much study and time has been invested in the research of baldness. Scientists have been on a quest to learn more about baldness—what it is, what causes, what can prevent it. There are so many findings today and so many theories about all these things. One such theory is that caffeine might help cure baldness.

A German hair care company was the first to make this bold assumption. Their research showed that a caffeine extract was helpful in regulating the amount of testosterone levels in a person. Because baldness in males is many times caused by increased levels of testosterone, this case study was extremely important in proving that caffeine could be an inhibitor.

The research showed that the samples that were created using a caffeine extract was useful in reducing, if not totally stopping, hair loss in those who used it. But even better, it showed that use of this product with caffeine in it stopped further hair loss.

Now, you may have read this with great interest. In fact, you might be ready to run out and fill up on coffee right away. Don’t do it!

In addition to all other findings in this study, researchers also stated that you would not be able to tolerate the large amount of caffeine needed to produce such results.

Instead, a German cosmetics company produces a hair cream that is filled with the required amount of caffeine needed to produce such results. This hair cream is rubbed on the scalp in the area where hair loss is occurring.
In reality, most drugs that are created to help prevent baldness work by stopping the production of DHT, the harmful chemical created by too much testosterone in the body. Some of these drugs aren’t available yet because they haven’t been tested by the FDA.

In any case, it is important to remember not to jump on the bandwagon of baldness cures, whether it’s at the hand of caffeine or not, until the research has been fully conducted and the drugs are tested to the fullest extent.


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  1. JAB Live! » Caffeine Cures Baldness? on January 1st, 2008 11:07 am

    […] extremely important in proving that caffeine could be an inhibitor.  The rest of the article on coffee male pattern baldness is at […]

  2. DHT on May 25th, 2008 7:23 pm

    Inhibiting testosterone production would have very limited effect on hair loss if the conversion to DHT was not also inhibited, which their research never looked in to.

  3. samusa20 on March 27th, 2010 3:23 pm

    how to cure baldness with coffee shampoo

    bring 400 ml shampoo and nescafe red mug with caffeine open the shampoo and add 1 teaspoon of coffee dont add more you will be anxiety

    shake the bottle well

    use it

    to use it put it on your hair for 2 minutes

    you can also bring little shampoo and add little coffee 1 teaspoon or less and store in bottle

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