Barrak Obama Can Only Become President If He Doesn’t Go Bald

It’s going to be a very interesting US Presidential election this year. I mean, who is not talking about a potential woman for US President? — Hilary Clinton. And what about the possibility of the first black man for the highest office in the land? — Barack Obama. So far, Obama has the lead by winning the votes in Iowa. But we have a lot of states left up for grabs. Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama or maybe John Edwards? Who knows. It will be very, very interesting to watch. Perhaps we’ll see history made.

There is one thing that I know for sure, though, when it comes to how people elect US Presidential candidates. The People of the United States of America are consistently looking for one thing and one thing only — even if they don’t do this consciously — and that is… Hair! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the People want their President to have hair.

Do you dispute me? When was the last time a bald man was elected as President? Let’s run through the list of past Presidents:

  • George W. Bush enjoys a full head of hair;
  • Bill Clinton was known for his “hip” hairstyle;
  • George Bush Sr. wasn’t bald;
  • Ronald Reagan had a pompadour;
  • Jimmy Carter had a full mane;
  • Gerald Ford was bald, that’s true; but he wasn’t elected by the People;
  • Richard Nixon had hair;
  • Lyndon Johnson didn’t go bald while in office;
  • John F. Kennedy was a lady’s man so he sure wasn’t bald;
  • Dwight Eisenhower was a bald President, that’s true; but he had to serve two terms because of WWII;
  • Harry Truman had hair; of course he did because it wouldn’t be right to be bald with a name like Harry;
  • Franklin Roosevelt had wavy hair;
  • Should I go on?

You can see the complete list of US Presidents at

Now what was my original point?… Oh yea –> You need hair if you want to be elected as President of the United States. Because if you don’t have hair, you won’t demand the respect of the People. It’s that simple, folks. If you want some respect from a lot of people, grow some hair.

If you have trouble growing hair, try Provillus. It’s natural and it works.

God bless America.

Besides Hair Growth Vitamins, Look To Treating Baldness With Natural Remedies

Is it possible to treat baldness with natural remedies? Besides taking hair growth vitamins, what can a man or woman dealing with baldness do to stimulate hair growth?

Specialists in herb medicine have researched and found that herbs are some of the best natural remedies for baldness. I will discuss in this blog article some baldness natural remedies that you can start trying today.

For people who want a non-invasive, non-harmful chemical way for treating baldness, looking at hair growth vitamins or other natural baldness remedy are the most viable options. Look to herbs as a natural healing agent that you can use not only on your body but also for your hair.

When you take the proper herbs in the correct amount, you can expect tremendous effects in terms of helping your body heal itself. An analogy would be a car that is running low on fuel. The more fuel that you add to your tank, the farther you’ll be able to travel.

Here is a partial list of some of the more popular herbs that are used as a natural baldness remedy:

• Ginkgo Biloba helps improve blood circulation to your skin and brain. The added blood circulation helps to stimulate your hair roots.
• Green Tea as a natural remedy is also effective. It is more potent than black tea. Green tea has been known to slow down hair loss and make weak and damaged hair stronger.
• Ginseng may be effective in protecting against radiation-induced hair loss. Cancer patients going through radiation treatment often use ginseng supplements to help boost their immune system against the harmful radiation.

Here are other natural baldness remedies for you to consider:
• Stimulate your scalp by placing your fingers across your scalp and massaging with your fingertips. Massage from the front to the back of your scalp.
• Using aromatherapy can also be helpful for both men and women wanting to stimulate hair growth. The reason is because aromatherapy helps to reduce your stress levels which is said to cause hair loss.
• Stop washing your hair so often. When you are facing hair loss, one of the worst things to do is to wash your hair all the time. Instead of scrubbing your hair and washing a lot of it down the drain, wash your hair less often like once or twice a week. Try to wash your hair only when it is really dirty.